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(Clearance) Violet Supplex®/ Lycra® Ballet Crossover (Mixed Colours) Save 46%
$32.95 Our Price Only: $17.95 (Including GST)
(Clearance) Lily Premium Tank-Style Leotard (Mixed Colours) Save 40%
$24.95 Our Price Only: $14.95 (Including GST)
Statuette FOOTED Dance Tights - Australian Fleshtone Pink Save 36%
$13.95 Our Price Only: $8.95 (Including GST)

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Blaze Split Sole Leather Slip-On Jazz Shoes (Black) Save 33%
$59.95 Our Price Only: $39.95 (Including GST)
"Launch CDS" Split Sole Lace-Up Dance Sneakers (Black) Save 44%
$89.95 Our Price Only: $49.95 (Including GST)
Sonata Mark 2 Junior Full-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes Save 37%
$34.95 Our Price Only: $21.95 (Including GST)

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Dance Bling - Crown Pendant on Adjustable Neck-Chain Save 45%
$17.95 Our Price Only: $9.95 (Including GST)
Nylon Medium Dance Bag Save 27%
$47.95 Our Price Only: $34.95 (Including GST)
Nylon Drawstring Dance Bag Save 50%
$12.95 Our Price Only: $6.45 (Including GST)

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Welcome to SHOWSTOPPER® Australia. For nearly 15 years, we've saved Australian dance families a fortune on their dance clothing, dance shoes and accessories, and, over the years, we've gained a reputation for the high quality of our products, for our unbeatable prices, and for the exceptional level of customer service that we consistently deliver. You can shop with confidence at SHOWSTOPPER® - we've been trusted by tens of thousands of Australian dancers since 2001... [more about us]

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